“If anyone loves me, he will keep my word,
@@and my Father will love him,
@@@@and we will come to him and make our home with him." John 14:23





Lay Community of Saint Benedict lectio divina visits

We think that this pack of materials is useful for anyone who would like to start to listen and pray to God with the Bible.

There is sufficient material to:

  • initiate an interest;
  • understand sufficiently what lectio divina is, and what it isn’t;
  • begin to do lectio divina;
  • start a group, and to sustain the group once it has begun.

Starting a group is not an easy task and the pack also goes a little way in providing extra material to help a group leader to continue to lead intelligently and imaginatively.

If the pack can accomplish this, it will be a beginning, however the potential of the pack will not have been explored: there is a more important objective - to foster relationships between people who have experienced lectio divina and inspire them to pass on what they have received to others.

We think that this pack works best when it initiates communication between people with a common interest in lectio divina. We believe that lectio divina is a simple and also subtle element of faithful, Christian practice.

It is best handed on personally.

To that end, the LCSB has a group of its members able to prepare with person(s) in the UK events:

  • to promote the practice of lectio divina;
  • to found a group;
  • to feed a group which is up and running.

Such an event could be a whole weekend, a day, a half day or even an evening. The materials contained in this pack are adequate to this task. In the hands of a small group with vision and imagination and with the help of the experience of people accustomed tolectio divina, presentations and workshops can be prepared and given.

If after reading some of the contents of this pack you feel that your interest has been sparked sufficiently that you would like to talk with someone about the possibility of running a “roadshow” with members of the LCSB in your local area then contact us in the following ways:

website: www.laybenedictines.org

e-mail: contact@laybenedictines.org

phone number: 0845 4582994

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