“If anyone loves me, he will keep my word,
@@and my Father will love him,
@@@@and we will come to him and make our home with him." John 14:23



Notes for setting up a lectio divina group

How many in a group?
Probably 4-8 people.

Where to meet?
Preferably in a member's house/flat rather than a church hall. Meeting in the same place
for a period works because it's easier to remember and gives stability to the group.

How often to meet?
a. Depends on what works for the members, how close or far apart they live.
b. The ideal is to meet weekly, at the same time and place.
c. If not weekly, then fortnightly or monthly.
d. Commitment is important - therefore, perhaps suggest meeting for two or three months and then having a review.

How to start a group?
a. You could ask your Parish Priest if you could invite someone to give a talk on lectio divina to the parish, so as many as possible have the chance of getting some idea of what it is, and how a group might work for them.
b. Simply invite a few friends, or parishioners you think it might appeal to.

How does the group grow?
a. Invite interested people to join you in a meeting.
b. After a group has been running for a while, be ready to advertise it in the newsletter as
... open to new members, and be prepared to start a second group.

Who leads the group?
a. It can be the same person for a while, with a "support" back-up person.
b. Or change the leader each time - whatever suits your group best.
c. The leader needs to have read the text and have prepared for the meeting.

What is the structure of a meeting?
a. Flexible, in the sense that what works for your group, works.
b. One and a half to two hours is the usual length for an evening meeting.
c. Usually meetings start with a welcome coffee and general "catch up", taklnq not more
... than twenty minutes to maximum half an hour.
d. Lectio period - often a reading for the upcoming Sunday - for 40-45 minutes.
e. Final discussion - often this is the time for talk about the scripture reading in terms of 
... context, translation, etc. (the intellectual stuff!) or simply being community.
f. One group that meets monthly on Saturday evenings finishes with supper.

a. Contact the Lay Community of St. Benedict, who will give all the direct support and help that they can.
b. Contact the Worth Abbey Open Cloister: Telephone 01342 710318; website www.worthabbey.net/cloister/
... for programme of current retreats and workshops.

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