“If anyone loves me, he will keep my word,
@@and my Father will love him,
@@@@and we will come to him and make our home with him." John 14:23


How Lectio Divina works

We can’t hear God with our ears
in the usual way we hear someone speaking.

People who do lectio divina
say they begin to hear God
with the ears of their heart.

It is not always easy.
We may not understand what we read immediately.

Because this is a different way of listening, it needs practice.

Three helpful rules

Lectio Divina has a certain approach which experience shows will release its power.

1. The presence of the Holy Spirit as your guide and teacher
For that reason we always begin by making a prayer that the Holy Spirit will come to be with us
and fill our hearts.

2. Silence

We need some time without distractions to listen to God.

The stillness and quiet gives us the sort of peace in the heart and mind that can be difficult to find unless we choose to make the space.

The silence allows us to read and listen to the words several times, so that we can understand what they are saying.

3. Respond for yourself
Just like each of our human relationships is different because every person is different, so also God speaks differently to everyone.

When we do lectio divina with others we don’t need to speak for anyone else.

Therefore we use the word “I” not “We” to share with others what we have heard in lectio divina; e.g. “I think that what God wants to say to me is…” is one good way of sharing.

This verse means we should be more…” is not a good way.

Now that we have the basic idea of what lectio divina is, we can go on to the section “HOW TO DO LECTIO DIVINA" for a description of… how to do lectio divina!

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